Disconnect milk rays at home

Mother and Baby World provides a discharge of milk at home. 99% success on the first bypass.

The service of removing the milk jets at home is 99% successful right from the first time

- Mother and Baby World is the leading expert in the field of breast obstruction. 99% guaranteed success when mothers unclog the first time. Even in cases of abscesses and lactation, doctors requesting colostomy surgery still have the hope of uncovering the breast milk when using the service at Mother and Baby World.

- The method of the world's mother and baby's rays is researched and developed by experts on breast milk. Our experts are trained in foreign countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea ...


- In addition, we also use high-tech machines using far infrared rays that are absolutely safe for pregnant women and women specializing in handling:

  • Clogged with little milk, lost milk
  • Size milk
  • Take special care of the chest area.
  • Detoxify the chest.

Service of ventilating milk with high-tech machines

Why choose Mother and Baby World instead of self-healing?

Currently, many units offer many cumbersome steps to unclog milk jets. However, it is not necessary to do many steps and complicate the problem. At Mother and Baby World we emphasize the effectiveness, of getting breast milk as soon as possible.



- Absolutely no pain.

- Cure a shot many milk rays, breastfeeding immediately.

- No medication, no acupuncture, no needles

- Without prejudice to the health, more and more milk

- Softening erectile positions, helping to thoroughly clear the milk jets.

- Services at home: Mother and Baby World has a team of experienced professionals combined with specialized tools that do not squeeze, do not feel pain, counseling to prevent congestion again. All of these things hope to bring customers the most comfortable and secure feeling.

Choose for yourself a trusting service that is safe and effective, giving your baby fresh milk from the mother.


Do not lose milk completely because of blockage?

- Blocked mastitis will cause many consequences such as painful breasts due to erectile dysfunction, high fever, long time leading to breast abscess, hat making, and complete milk loss.

- All mothers know that breast milk is the most valuable source of nutrients for babies, babies should breastfeed for at least the first 6 months of life. Breastfeeding helps babies have good communication ability, increases emotional index EQ, resistance, prevention of chronic diseases, obesity, depression, autism ... Breastfed babies often eat less milk. , gastric reflux. For mothers, breastfeeding will help mothers recover in shape quickly, reduce the risk of breast cancer, etc.

Complete loss of milk after giving birth too soon is a big disadvantage for both mothers and children. Therefore, when she sees signs of blocked milk jet, she must quickly handle it before it is too late.


Realistic scene when leaking milk at home

99% of all breast obstructions are successful from day one

Disconnecting the mother's milk jet in the World Mother and Baby Ha Long.

The feeling of a mother who had to endure the pain of being blocked with milk:


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