Health recovery after birth

What do you know about recovering your health after giving birth? What to do when the mother's body is weak and tired? Is there a way to quickly get past this postpartum period? With Mother and Baby World, answer and understand better about this service!

- Immediately after discharge from hospital is the most sensitive period of pregnant women because there are many risk factors such as postpartum infection, postpartum haemorrhage, pathological obstruction, umbilical cord infection, neonatal diseases ...

- Therefore, Mother urgently needs to be cared for by a team of specialists in postpartum health rehabilitation at home.

=> The World Mother and Baby is the most prestigious home postpartum care service in Ho Chi Minh City and has been present in major cities and provinces of the country.

Rehabilitation service after giving birth in Mother and Baby World



=> Mother and Baby World with 100% of a team of skilled nurses with knowledge and experience combined with medical treatment and strict professional control, will help you pass the stage of safe postpartum health recovery and most effective.

Benefits of the service pack

 - Check the health status of pregnant women, screen for postpartum abnormalities
- Eliminate fluid production, uterus contraction to avoid the risk of uterine fluid stasis, postpartum infection
- Combining modern and traditional methods of care to help mothers get through the postnatal period in the safest way: recover health, properly beautify, relieve pain, relax and avoid postpartum depression.
- Consulting in-depth knowledge of postpartum care, scientific nutrition, maintaining breast milk, stimulating more milk ...

Service details


The effects of systemic inhalation:

- Body bath in a dedicated tent helps to eliminate toxins, blood circulation and reduce edema.
- Help mother relax, reduce stress, fatigue and avoid postpartum depression
- In addition, the steam also helps to consume excess fat, slim the body, help the mother recover her postpartum physique.

The effects of inhalation in the genital area:

The right method and the right time will bring many benefits to mothers after giving birth:

- Promotes the recovery of the vagina, helps the vagina tighten and eliminates postpartum odor.
- Prevention of gynecological diseases such as white blood ...
- Clean the genital area after giving birth
- Helps to clean the genital area, fight inflammation

Effects of neck - shoulder - nape massage

- Help reduce stress, stress and fatigue for mothers after birth
- Improve blood circulation and stabilize blood pressure
- Relieve headache and sleep better
- Reduce symptoms of numbness in hands and hand pain for mothers after giving birth

Herbal foot bath:

- Help to eliminate toxins, blood circulation circulation
- Reduce pain, fatigue after excess
- Improve stress, fatigue.
- Prevent skin diseases and deodorize feet
- Strengthen immune system, prevent colds for mothers after birth


Apply ginger wine to warm, firm the body:

- Good blood circulation, good blood circulation
- Helps warm the body, prevent cold hands and feet for pregnant women
- Reduce pain after birth for mothers
- Helps skin ruddy, firm muscles


"Because women are meant to cherish"

Mothers breastfeed, take good care and care for their own health, like taking care of their newborn angel. Always optimistic love life, relaxed spirit, live healthy "for the children, for me, for the whole family", moms!



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