Milk stimulation service after giving birth!

Mommy and Baby World would like to introduce Postpartum Breast stimulation service that helps mothers to always have more milk to breastfeed every day.



What is breast stimulation service after giving birth?

- Let Mommy and Baby World be a companion in your breastfeeding process with the POST-BIRTH MILK SERVICE.
- The special thing about this service is that there is more high-tech breast pump, ensuring that the milk is late after only 3-5 stimuli.

Details of the successful steps to stimulate milk for mothers after giving birth:

Step 1: Check and examine the breast for Mother:

- Before starting to stimulate milk, mothers need to know how long they have lost milk, because this greatly affects the effectiveness of stimulating milk.

- Of course, the short time the milk is lost, the faster the milk will be stimulated and the longer it takes to lose milk, the more effort it takes to rebuild, sometimes it is impossible to pull the milk back.

Breast exam for current breast milk status

Step 2: Chest massage:

- Perform massage movements around the breasts, the body will increase the secretion of hormones to create milk, helping to stimulate more milk.

- In addition, massage also contributes to dissolve the curds (if any), unclog the flow of milk in the lobules and ducts, helping the milk to come back evenly and more.

Breast massage for Mom with organic product

Step 3: Run a high-tech machine specializing in breast stimulation and breast care:

- The machine specializes in treating occlusion of milk, less milk, erection, less milk, obstruction.

- Milk does not come, slowly comes in, breasts are erect but not milk.

- Cure a shot many milk rays, breastfeeding immediately.

- No medication, no acupuncture, no needles

- Without prejudice to the health, more and more milk

- Gentle smooth, completely comfortable.

- Excretion of toxins.

- Softening erectile positions, helping to thoroughly clear the milk jets.

After clicking with the Hi-Tech machine, the milk sparks shot a lot

Step 4: Massage and pump with Philips Avent

- Philips Avent twin electric breast pump is made from high quality Polypropylene material so it is very safe for mom and baby.

- Hygienic, safe and BPA-free materials: Products in contact with breast milk must be made of BPA-free safe materials and free of any harmful chemicals.

Mother and Baby World is proud to be the company providing Genuine Philips Avent breast pumps. Products are originated from Philips Avent, warranted and have anti-counterfeiting stamps. Competitive price with many attractive promotions.

- Mothers, after successfully stimulating a course, the source of milk is extremely abundant:

Perceptions of customers after using the service successfully

Why should choose Mother and Baby World after giving birth:

- Carrying the mission of protecting and caring for the little angels of Mother's milk, we ensure that she will always have a plentiful and pure source of milk.

- Service quality is always on top priority.

- A team of skilled and experienced professionals.

- The treatment has helped thousands of mothers all over the country to immediately breastfeed their babies, avoid low milk loss and milk loss.

Mothers will feel extremely light and comfortable. Now that the successful stimulus is no longer a pain, haunting anxiety in breastfeeding process because of Mother and Baby World!


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