Newborn baby shower service at home

  • 24/04/2018 13:58
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Mother and Baby World provides a professional nationwide infant bath service. With 100% nurses, nurses, midwives with many years of experience in the profession. Baby bath service at home of Mother and Baby World ensures Safety - Efficiency - Savings.

"After giving birth at the hospital, usually after 3-5 days, the babies will be discharged back home. The days in the hospital, the children are bathed in the morning by the nurses, who will now be discharged from the hospital. Give me a bath? I am just in labor, my body is very weak. Dad is awkward, afraid to hurt the baby, grandparents are old ...

The baby bath service at Mother World and Baby World will solve difficult problems for families

- Mother and Baby World is a nationwide mother and baby care system.

- Established from 2012 up to now with the founders who are experts in maternal and child care.

- Nursing force is both professionally qualified, imbued with medical ethics and a culture of dedication, honesty, responsibility, professionalism of Mother and Baby World.

- Mother and baby care has served more than 30,000 babies in the past 9 years.

- We will give mothers the advice that is reasonable and scientifically correct. Let your baby be cared for from the first day of birth, he or she gets massage, navel care, eye care, nose, ear proper procedure, quick and gentle movements. Betel leaves keep warm and increase resistance.

Newborn baby shower service at home with professional nurses from Mother and Baby World

7 benefits when using baby shower service at home

The infant bath service at home includes:

Massage for babies: Newborn baby massage will help babies eat well, sleep well, avoid jaundice, avoid constipation, stimulate digestive system, circulatory system and help baby's skeletal system to be strong than.

Bathing your baby, cleaning eyes, nose, mouth, ears, genitals and caring for the baby's navel helps to prevent infection and make him feel comfortable.

Betel leaf drying + hand manipulation: Baby and baby bathing service in the World Mother and baby have betel leaves for baby after bathing. Betel leaf is a folk remedy that has been proven over many generations, if done properly, in the right position, your baby will grow better and healthier.

Cleaning the wound for mothers: In addition to taking care of the baby, the baby shower service at Mother and Baby World also takes care of the mother postpartum to avoid postnatal infection for pregnant women.

Counseling and guidance: Finally, the nurse will advise and guide how to care for the newborn baby for pregnant women and family members.

=> Note: crawling exercises for babies only apply when the baby has dropped umbilical cord.

=> Time: 60 minutes / baby shower.

=> Reference price: only from 190.000 VNĐ / session.

Why should you choose the service of Mother and Baby World?

1. Fast service. Just book 2 hours in advance.

2. Nationwide system.

3. Experience over 10 years.

4. Serving over 30k babies in the past 9 years.

5. Medical standard care process, safe for your baby

6. The price corresponds to the quality, only from 180-200K. Other units cost from 250k, charge for travel and many other surcharges or units with cheap prices, many promotions but the quality is not guaranteed.

Mother and Baby World is proud to have served thousands of mothers and babies throughout the years!

- Using the baby bath service at the Mother and Baby World, mothers can be completely assured of the quality and the expert team. Baby bath specialists at Mother and Baby World are nurses, nurses, and midwives who have been well trained and specialized in infant care knowledge.

- In addition, the baby bathing service prices of Mother and Baby World always go hand in hand with quality, matching or even over cost. Mothers can always proactively schedule a baby bath that suits their time.

She cares for the baby with all love

If mothers sign up for a baby shower at home with postnatal care at Mother and Baby World, it will both save money and double the effort of taking care at once, very convenient. Mom just call hotline: 090 666 5483 will be dedicated and free consultation by experts!

Realistic panorama of baby shower service at customer's home.

Bathing a newborn baby at Cong Hoa Plaza (extremely rare 3 births)

Did you know Mother and Baby World will accompany you to raise your baby during the first 6 years of life?
Taking care of your children is a long process, and many problems arise during the first 6 years of your baby's life. For example, how to breastfeed properly? If Mother lacks milk, how can I have milk for my baby? Then the mother is blocked by the spit of milk causing pain, how to deal with it? ... When you are a customer of Mother and Baby World, we are committed to accompany you throughout the first 6 years of your baby's life. .

Mother and Baby World has been with Mother and Baby Community for over 6 years


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Mother and Baby World confidently brings the best service and true love to your pets and mothers.

Mother and Baby World is always listening and ready to give you enthusiastic advice.


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