Prestigious Massage Service

Mother and Baby World is proud to be the address dedicated to taking care of Mothers from pregnancy to Mother postpartum, extremely prestigious and always leading.

Gourd Massage at Mother and Baby World

Coming to Mother and Baby World - National postpartum care system, MOM VU does not have to worry because:

Product: Completely organic, natural, safe for Mother Bau.

Expert: Highly skilled, professional, enthusiastic, thoughtful, always smiling ...

Process: specific, detailed, safe, effective ...

Price: go with quality!

We use our touch to interact with each other, to nurture, and to express emotions.

- That's why even the simplest form of massage can make people very comfortable.

- Gentle skin massage can also have a profound beneficial effect on the health, especially on pregnant women.

Most mothers only get pregnant from 1 to 2 times.

- Rewarding yourself with a pregnancy massage at Home or Spa is not only a way of mothers expressing appreciation and caring for their own health properly, but also a great way to show love. with children right from the womb.

Massage care of pregnant women is important and essential for women.

- Especially when taking care of pregnant women in the first 3 months because this is a sensitive stage of pregnancy.

- The first 3 months of pregnancy massage should be in accordance with the right specifications, the right treatment and done by the spa exclusively for pregnant.


Benefits of relaxing massage during pregnancy


Why Mother and Baby World has always been the prestigious address for pregnant care for more than 7 years?

WORLD, mothers and children are trusted to care for thousands of mothers and children nationwide.

The experts caring for pregnant mothers always understand that the journey of pregnancy and birth is really not easy, it needs SHARE, CAREFULLY and PROFESSIONAL HELP so always use professional knowledge, experience to take care of the Mothers with all love.

With those missions, the massage service for pregnant women was born to help mothers get moments of rest and relaxation at home without having to travel far.


World Mother and Baby Joint Stock Company - Nationwide postpartum care system

Hotline:    090.666.5483 

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